Donna Heatwole graduated from Bluffton College with a major in Music Education and a minor in Organ Performance. One of her great joys in college was being asked to perform a Bach Toccata and Fugue on a Flentrop tracker-action organ for the great organist, E. Power Biggs. After college, she lived in Silver Spring, MD for many years. While there, she served as a church organist and also sang at the Kennedy Center with The Washington Chorus under the direction of Bob Shaffer. She also worked for the Chorus and at Sidwell Friends School. Since moving to the Valley in 1999, she worked at LD&B before retiring in 2013.

Donna has spent her adult life supporting two of her passions: mental health issues and music. She helped open Jubilee Association in Maryland, providing homes and facilities for people with intellectual disabilities, and served on the Board of Pleasant View, Inc., here in the Harrisonburg area. She has continued to sing and now serves on the Bach Festival Board.

In 2017, Donna founded the Blue Ridge Threshold Choir, which sings
at bedside for people in hospice or palliative care and for those at the threshold of death.